3 Easy Ways to Avoid Constipation

Constipation can be caused by variety of reasons and now a days it is becoming more common across various section of people.  The reason behind this is change in diet as more processed food is being consumed which contain very less dietary fiber.  With many people having office job with very little exercise regime the body and the organs become lethargic and many diseases and problems like constipation start occurring.  If we can take little care many problems like constipation can be avoided.

Let us have a look at few of the simple and natural remedies for constipation.  These remedies are quite simple and easy to follow.

1. Add Fruit to your Diet – Include at least one  apple or guava in your breakfast or dinner.  Fruits have natural fiber which absorb water and create bulk which help in eliminating bulk and prevent constipation.  Make sure that you wash the fruit properly and have it with skin so that more fiber is taken.  Fruits would not only help you avoid constipation, but also fulfill nutritional need of your body.

2. Have Enough Water – Having enough water cannot be over emphasized.  Water taken early in the morning after getting up will help in avoiding many diseases and condition like constipation, gout, high blood pressure and acts and an effective detoxifying agent.  Have around 1 liters of warm water in the morning.  This will activate the peristaltic movements in the intestines.  Make a habit of drinking 1 liter of water every m0rning and you would be able to avoid any build up of constipation easily.

3. Do Not Avoid the Urge – Many time due to social pressure we do not visit the toilet when feeling the urge.  Whenever you have the urge to go you should not try to stop the urge.  There is a wave like motion in the intestines which builds up the pressure which creates the urge to go to toilet.  If you do not go to toilet the pressure created subsides and feces do not move forward.  If you have tendency of constipation or chronic constipation, this will increase the problem since not going to toilet will make the feces lose water and it will get hardened which will cause even more problems.

Overall having simple and easily digestible food, having enough water along with regular light exercise will ensure that you are able to avoid constipation in most cases.  For more remedies you can see home remedies for constipation where you can find other useful tips and solutions for this problem.

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