A Checklist for Discount Vitamin Supplements

The drug market is very competitive.  Whether you are looking for discount vitamin supplements or any other kind, you can find thousands of places to get them.  To be able to make sales, retailers have to shop for the best deals they can get.  This might mean that some of the products offered are not as good as others are.

Many drugs and supplements are bought outside the continental United States, and there can be questionable potency in the products or safety in the way they were produced, packaged, or shipped.  Drugs can have fillers, which do not have any medicinal or supplemental properties, and it’s important to know what these fillers might be.

Label on the Bottles

The first way to compare two products is by reading the ingredients on the bottle labels.  You should have a listing of what ingredients are contained in the pills or liquid inside.  If you are looking for a multivitamin, be sure that you are getting the same additives in discount vitamin supplements as the one that costs more.

Sometimes producers do not indicate what percentage of the pill or liquid dose is made up of the required supplement.  You shouldn’t consider purchasing any drug that does not give this information.  You might be getting what you want, but it is in a very low dose that won’t do you much good.

If you do not understand what some of the ingredients in the bottle are, ask the druggist or look them up yourself.

There should be an expiration date on the bottle, too.  Although pills stay potent longer than liquids, neither one will be very effective if the expiration date has passed.  Liquid supplements are weakened to almost nothing by the expiration date.

From Where the Supplements Originate

It’s not too much to ask where the product is manufactured; as a matter of fact, it is required in the U.S.  If that information is not listed on a product, you should look for another type.  There are many countries that do not have safeguards set up for the supplements and drugs they make.

When buying discount vitamin supplements online, you should be informed of the country of origin and be able to view a product label before making your purchase.  If the supplement is made in Canada, there’s a good possibility that the cost might be less than a similar American made product.

Be sure you know what you’re getting, wherever you purchase your supplements.

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