A List Of What Apple Juice Can Benefit Your Body

A single glass of apple juices are really very much packed with all the goodness that not even 5 capsules of synthetically produced multivitamins can offer.  This is really so powerful that it has been recommended to the most ill persons such as those with HIV and cancer.  The many anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidants that are present in apples provide the maximum level of balance to our internal system that it allows it to function as its peak.  Below are some of what the apple juice can offer us.

Lowering cholesterol –  apples have the element called pectin, a flavanoid and anti-oxidant that can lower the bad cholesterol inside the body.

Bone protection – the flavanoid called phloridzin that can only be found in apples can protect us from many forms of bone diseases.  This is specifically very beneficial to middle aged women who are susceptible to having osteoporosis.  Another flavanoid called boron increases bone density.

Colon Cancer Protection – The pectin compound in apples (phytochemical and essential mineral) is found to help maintain a healthy digestive system and also lower the risk of colon cancer if concentrated apple juice is taken regularly.  It can help prevent colon cancer as much as 46%

Asthma help –  The combination of essential vitamins and minerals in apples have been shown to help prevent asthma and for those who have asthma, assure that the possibility of having an asthma attack is relevantly very low.  Also, the symptoms that include asthma will significantly be lessened.

There are many other reasons to have apple juice in your list of beverages.  The best juicer for this is actually the Omega juicers since they have the best quality in terms of the machine itself and of the juice quality itself too.  The reason for this is the oxidation is relevantly low.  You can see lots of juicing competitions online and judge for yourself on how the Omega juicers are really the top performing juicers.  You can browse the juicer reviews and also try to compare the different juicer models to find which model suits you.  I did that, but what eventually happened was that I focused on the Omega juicer reviews since I became really interested with them.

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