A short Orabrush review

Orabrush takes a different approach when it comes to cleaning your tongue. A proper oral hygiene shouldn’t stop after watching your teeth and flossing, you need to clean the tongue as well. In 80 to 90 percent of bad breath cases the bacteria located on your tongue is the one to blame. This Orabrush review will focus on the main features of the product and how it can effectively clean your mouth.

Brush and tongue scrapper

The long, soft bristles of the brush go deep in the crevices of the tongue and dislocate bacteria. The scrapper comes along and gathers all the bad stuff that practically lived on your tongue. You will have to repeat these two steps until the surface of your tongue is no longer white.

The wrong approach

If you avoid buying any kind of tongue scrapper because the toothbrush you have works just great than it’s time to stop. The toothbrush was meant clean your teeth, not your tongue. Its bristles are way too hard and they will irritate your tongue. Studies have shown that this habit can cause serious problems and it does nothing when it comes to bad breath. Orabrush works on two levels and that’s what makes it more effective. It’s wide compared to a regular toothbrush so it cleans a bigger surface with just one move.


If you order Orabrush online you will get free shipping and a web discount that applies to all orders, it doesn’t matter if you order 6 Orabrushes or just 2 of them.

I hope this Orabrush review helped you to better understand the real purpose of the product: it’s effective as a tongue cleaner and it doesn’t replace the required teeth brushing. A proper oral hygiene should work on many levels, taking care of your teeth and eliminating bad breath.

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