Ab Chairs and Lumbar Extenders

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Back pain is a very common condition from which many individuals suffer. Experts state that most people at some point in their lives experience some kind of back pain or discomfort. Some common reasons for this include participating in exercise which is too strenuous, sitting too many hours in one position, or using overall improper posture. In order to eliminate back pain, many people choose to use devices such as an ab chair or lumbar extender.

To correctly use a lumbar extender, one must position the device at the level of the shoulders and then stretch out the muscles of the back. It is important to position the back in a way that coincides with the spine’s natural curve. The knees should be slightly bent and the arms stretched over the head for maximum benefit. The tension of the device can be increased or decreased based on the user’s personal preference. One will see a considerable difference in his or her flexibility and range of motion when the device is used just 5-10 minutes, twice a day.

Anyone who has ever abandoned sit-ups as a daily exercise due to the strain they place on the next and back, may find that an ab chair is the perfect way to resume abdominal exercise without the risk of injury. It is for this reason that ab chairs have become so popular for use in spas and health clubs, as they do not put unnecessary strain on the user. It was for this purpose ab chairs and lumbar extenders were first designed. They are a top seller on today’s health and fitness market due to this reason, as well. Ab chairs can adequately support individuals who weigh up to 250 pounds, so they make an excellent choice in an exercise device for almost anyone.

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