About Male Hair Loss

We live in a world today where hair is looked highly upon. Although having hair will always be our “crowning glory”, having it forever in our lives is not certain because we are going to have to lose our hair at some point in our lives. Although with proper care for our hair and scalp and the use of vitamins for hair loss, it is also certain we may be able to delay hair loss, but sooner or later we still may experience it.

The most common hair loss sufferers are men. This occurrence is more common in men due to the sensitivity of the male sex hormones on their scalps. There are often genetic factors at play when it comes to male hair loss. Men whose fathers experienced hair loss are more likely to suffer from it themselves.

In early years, baldness was looked at as something not very attractive. But fortunately in this day and age, having a clean shaven head is something many people are attracted to.

As mentioned, male hair loss is often due to the scalp’s sensitivity to the male sex hormone. But for better understanding, here is a more detailed explanation: The mentioned androgens which are the male sex hormones are the ones responsible for making hair follicles. These hair follicles will eventually be the ones where hair will grown and in time, the place where hair can possibly shrink. Hair loss is occurring in a man once these hair follicles become so small that they lose the ability to replace lost hair. The follicles aren’t exactly dead but rather, they are no longer able to carry out their tasks. This may occur in men as early as their twenties. Some types of hair growth shampoo are specifically designed with the male sex hormone in mind.

The manifestation of hair loss usually starts with a receding hairline, then gradually hair on top of the head will start to thin. As this pattern continues, the two balding areas will make a U-shape along the back and sides of the head. Though there may still be a patch of hair left in the scalp, these hairs are often finer and cannot grow as rapidly as it may have used to.

Having hair loss in general, and not just for men, is truly something that anyone cannot be happy about. But what we have to accept is that this is something biological in nature thus avoiding it is not possible. We should learn to accept this not only if we are experiencing this but to more importantly not be judgmental to other who have this.

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