Acne Preventative Diets

Although diet is not the sole cause in acne, there are some relationships between the two. If you are suffering from acne, be sure to stay away from any foods that contain trans fats and saturated fats. These ingredients do not cause acne, but they can make your skin oilier, which can eventually lead to acne.

Saturated fats are often found in animal products such as dairy, poultry, and meats. Our bodies still require calcium and protein from these foods, but always consume them in moderation. Some meats contain less fat than others, so try to stick with the leaner choices. You should stay away from processed meats and dairy products because they contain trans fats which will only do harm to your skin.

Many nutritionists believe that there is a direct relationship between increased acne and eating sweets and chocolates. This is because these products contain large amounts of sugar, which can stimulate your hormones to produce acne. Excess sugar and other chemicals also need to be eliminated, and sometimes it may find it way on your face in the form of a pimple. Very salty foods can also contribute to pimples, although this does not happen with every case. Commercial foods like chips contain large quantities of iodine, along with a host of other harmful oils and chemicals. If you want to minimize your acne, you should avoid these foods altogether.

There are some foods that have to ability to act as acne remedies. Many people have found that Zinc, Vitamin A, and many other vitamins can help restore health to your skin and prevent infections. Green tea is another proven acne remedies that work, especially if it is incorporated regularly into your diet. Tea helps to cleanse your skin and blood stream, minimizing the chance of pimple infections.

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