Advantages of Using Brainwave Entrainment Programs

Brainwave Entrainment programs consist of audio recording of binaural/monaural/isochronal beats (or combination of them) along with natural sounds or musical instruments. These audios are recorded at certain sound frequencies which forces brain to generate similar type of brainwave frequencies. Activating lower level of brainwave frequency lowers brain activity and mind-body enters the state of relaxation.

Not just relaxation, entering lower levels has many other profound benefits. In terms of frequency, we can divide brain state in following way.

Beta: it is a state of normal waking awareness. Conscious mind is fully activated. At this level our critical faculty i.e. conscious mind is at work. To bring change in thought patterns or mental disorder is not effective in Beta. Our memories, habits and beliefs are stored in subconscious mind. Accessing lower states means grip of critical faculty loosens and one can work at subconscious level to reprogram mind.

Alpha: While driving or daydreaming we often fall into Alpha with open eyes. It is a state of total relaxation. Conscious and subconscious minds, both are active in this stage. Light hypnosis is done in this level.

Theta: In this state awareness of body is totally lost and subconscious is fully activated. One feels in different space altogether. Deep hypnosis and regression therapies are done at this state.

Delta: It is deep sleep state where awareness of mind and body is totally lost.

Human being is great composition of body-mind-spirit. One is connected to other. It is said that sound mind lies in sound body. We can see below how sound can help us getting sound health.

  • One of the most instant benefits one can achieve from brainwave entrainment sounds is reducing stress
  • One can effectively fight depression and mental traumas. (Consult your doctor first).
  • One can boost level of motivation at work, enthusiasm, confidence and self esteem.
  • Self hypnosis practice can be greatly assisted by such programs. One can work with it along with others techniques and tips to lose weight.
  • It helps increasing memory power and overall mental strength.
  • Insomnia and other sleep related disorders can be cured.

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