Alcohol And Its Contribution Towards Depression

Confronting a depressed alcoholic person can be quite a daunting challenge to overcome. The difficulty arises because of a common misbelief that alcohol is the cure for depression. While it is true that alcohol can give you an instant high, one that can perhaps temporarily fiddle with your stress hormones and create a false illusion of relaxation. The fact of the matter is that the moment the effects of alcohol wears off an individual will be more depressed than ever.

So, if you are looking for an answer to the question: does alcohol cause depression?

The answer is a ‘Yes’.

If you are still not convinced, look at these alarming reasons to quite alcohol right away:

  • Violent Crimes – Alcohol is primarily blamed for a rise in violent crimes. If statistics are to be believed incidents of domestic violence, road rage, thefts and homicide are largely because of consumption of excess amounts of alcohol.
  • Suicide – Impaired judgment is a common trait displayed by an alcoholic. When confronted with emotional turbulences of life, these alcoholics often end up making bad decisions such as suicide in an instant.
  • Fatal Accidents – Drinking and driving should never be mixed is one message that is often promulgated by law enforcement agencies. No amount of public awareness campaigns have managed to bring down the incidents of road fatalities caused as a result of drunken driving.
  • Health Factors – Excessive consumption of alcohol multiplies health related complications. If you continue drinking excessive amounts of alcohol you risk developing cardiovascular diseases, esophageal cancer, pancreatitis, liver diseases, hypomania, personality issues and other neuropsychiatric and neurological issues.

The above mentioned reasons are strong points against consumption of alcohol. If you are a heavy or binge drinker it is time you take a serious note of these complications. You must accept the fact that alcohol is not a cure for depression but in fact it is the other way around i.e. alcohol is a known depressant. Quit today!

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