Alcohol Withdrawl & Detox: Alcohol Rehabilitation Doesn’t Come Easy

Alcohol is a very strange, enigmatic and sometimes downright deadly substance. There are a multitude of different effects that alcohol can have on the human body. What is quite unusual about alcohol is that it has a certain appeal for human beings that is quite hard to fathom.

Causes Of Alcohol Addiction

The reason that it is quite hard to imagine why people are so obsessed with alcohol is because alcohol as a chemical substance is actually quite poisonous on the human body. This is evidenced by the fact that taking in alcohol at 100% concentration almost always invariably results in a severe case of acute alcohol intoxication or alcohol poisoning.

For people who suffer from alcohol poisoning through non-drinkable alcohol, a stomach pump may be required in order to expel the alcohol from the body.

Alcoholic Detox: The Nessesary Evil

Of course, when we speak of alcohol detox, it could refer to any of the number of ways that alcohol can be cleansed from the body, but the term is generally used to refer to the part of the rehabilitation process wherein the alcohol is actively cleansed from the human body.

In any case, during alcohol detox, the individual patient must be prepared to go through alcohol withdrawal syndrome. While alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a very common medical condition that is experienced by 90% of all alcoholics, there is still no known cure for this condition even though it has been in observation since the 1800s.

The duration of alcohol withdrawal can vary greatly from one person to another, but it can generally be pinned down to within 3-5 days. The most severe symptoms usually strike at the second or third stages of alcohol withdrawal, which can strike about 48 hours since the onset of the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

The most effective treatment for alcohol withdrawal syndrome is drug treatment using strong medication such as benzodiazepines and barbiturates to alleviate or otherwise suppress the symptoms.

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