The Alkaline Diet and Alklaine Green Drinks

Increasing the amount of alkaline foods in our diet delivers many health benefits. The average Western diet is disproportionately high in acidic foods and this has negative implications for our health. Our bodies become too acidic sending our PH levels out of balance. Just a few of the benefits of becoming less acidic include, increased energy levels, improved concentration and focus, improved digestion, regular bowel movements, healthier skin tone, and a decreased risk of developing diseases.

So, to become more alkaline there are a variety of things that we can do to start shifting things in the right direction. The key thing is to start introducing more alkaline foods into the diet, which is basically vegetables and most fruits. Meat, fish, diary and grains are all acidic in nature, so we need lots of fresh fruits and veggies to balance them out. A fundamental in most alkaline diets is drinking a daily alkaline green drink. The two main options for these alkaline drinks are freshly made vegetable juicing recipes and powdered super green products that we can mix with water or other liquids. These drinks are about as alkaline as food sources get, so they help to ‘supercharge’ things in the right direction.

When people start to implement the alkaline diet into their lives, a common side effect is weight loss. The alkaline diet, is not intended to be a weight loss diet, it is really sensible eating plan, of which weight loss can result. There is no foods that we necessarily need to eliminate, we just need to become aware of the foods that are acid forming and alkaline forming, so that we can make informed choices. Ideally we need an 80/20% balance of alkaline/acid foods respectively. Simply ensuring that we get our 5 recommended portions of fruits and vegetables each day will at least keep us on the right side of the line. If we add an alkaline green drink to that, then we are looking real good!

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