Allergies and Asthma – When to See An Allergist

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Years ago droves of people with asthma flocked to Utah and Arizona with promises of the dry southwest air improving their symptoms. Unfortunately, with the current pollution rates rising in cities like Phoenix, many purported retreats for asthmatics are no longer such great escapes. If you are experiencing asthma Utah, you may be encountering some things in the environment that are making your asthma symptoms worse. It is important to know when to see an allergist about asthma. Scheduling an appointment should be done immediately if you notice that your symptoms appear to get worse when enjoying outdoor activities.

If you suffer from allergies, but do not know what you are actually allergic to, it makes avoiding these things virtually impossible. Going for a long run on a breezy Spring day in Utah, without knowing you have an allergy to dust, could be a potential problem. An allergist can do simple skin testing to determine what environmental factors might be contributing to making your asthma worse. With the proper allergy testing and education, most asthmatics can better learn what allergens may be contributing to asthma symptoms and those triggers can better be avoided.

If you discover that you do have some serious environmental allergies, then taking a daily allergy pill can help control not only your allergy symptoms, but your asthma as well. Most asthma sufferers also tend to have allergies, but learning how to manage allergies can go a long way in keeping your asthma manageable as well. There are countless types of inexpensive over-the-counter remedies for allergies now on the market. You might ask your allergist for the most effective medication for you in controlling your specific set of allergies.

Whether you suffer from just asthma, or allergies and asthma, neither combination should limit you in participating in outdoor fun. A good allergist can help you learn what triggers your allergies and asthma and learning to manage and avoid allergens when possible can certainly help. With good symptom management, any asthma sufferer can enjoy an active, long, and healthy life.

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