Alternative Therapies For Migraine, Insomnia, And Other Common Diseases

Do you suffer from illness frequently?  Do you need to visit doctor frequently and tired of taking various medications which cause undesirable side effects?  May be it is time to look at some alternative therapies.  There are many common diseases and illnesses where alternative therapies are effective.  Let us see which are the various therapies for common diseases.

Yoga – Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which has both physical and spiritual benefits.  Yoga is beneficial for many diseases like high blood pressure, obesity and improves general health.   Yoga not only provides benefit in physical diseases but also in diseases caused by stress and mental tension.  Many people have benefited by using yoga for migraine relief, and also got relief in many other diseases and condition such as sinus infection and constipation and it also helps in gaining improved strength and vitality.

Acupressure – Acupressure is also an ancient therapy which can help in many diseases of the various organs.  Special thing about acupressure is it can also be useful for diagnosis of the disease very easily once you know the appropriate points.  As per the theory of acupressure there points in the body which when various points are pressed cure various diseases.  Good thing is once know the points you can also press these points at home since it does not have any side effects.  For example you can use acupressure for insomnia, neck pain, shoulder pain, indigestion, headaches and many other diseases.  It can also cure severe stomach pain and teeth pain.

Natural Therapy – Natural therapies involve using various natural elements like water, earth, air etc.  As per this therapy our bodies are made of five elements of nature and when the balance is disturbed then diseases occur.  Examples of natural therapy include mud therapy where in mud is applied on the various body parts which can help in curing diseases like headaches and migraine, water therapy for vitality, constipation and skin diseases and air therapy for asthma etc.

Practicing alternative therapies not only cures the diseases, but it also helps gain health and can be used as prevention against various diseases.  You also gain more knowledge about your body and your self which goes a long way in avoiding diseases.  Most of the alternative therapies are cheaper and more holistic than the conventional treatments, however you should go to experience and reputed practitioners so that you get the right treatment and proper benefits.

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