Andropause: All about Male Menopause

It’s widely known that women go through a menopause, but not a lot of people know that there is also a medical term for male menopause called andropause. This lack of awareness about andropause means that some men may have symptoms that could be related to andropause, but they do not get properly diagnosed. With andropause, just like with menopause, the changes happen so slowly that it’s impossible to say exactly when they may have first started. Male menopause may seem like the punch line of a joke, but there is no doubt that very real hormone imbalance changes are taking place.

It’s probably not that surprising that men start going through andropause during the same age range as women begin experiencing menopause which in their 50s. Andropause can mark a decline in testosterone production as well as changes occurring in the thyroid. When men start to get a little older, they may experience some things like memory loss or feeling a little less energetic, usually this is just attributed to aging when, but in fact it may actually be due to andropause. It may seem a little strange, but men may also get hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings, which are all very familiar signs of menopause that women typically experience.

One big health risk that is fairly common in middle aged men is sleep disorders. When men have trouble sleeping they may then begin to experience a higher incidence of erectile dysfunction, mood swings, memory problems and more stress. Stress is known to then create other health risks such as strokes and high blood pressure. It’s not 100% known why these sleep problems may occur, but they’re thought to be related to a decrease in thyroid functioning.

Although andropause is not as well known as menopause, is definitely real. As more doctors and men become aware of this condition, hopefully more studies will be done which will then lead to more and better treatment options.

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