Are Tanning Salons Safe?

Every single year, (and in some areas all year round) many people seek a sun kissed tan. Most people view a tan as sexy, and most people would agree that a tanned body looks better than pale skin. The ultraviolet rays in blubs that are used in a tanning bed are up to three times stronger than that of natural UV rays from the sun. This is why you can go to a tanning bed salon and get tanned faster, than getting tanned directly from the sun.

Tanning salons will tell you that indoor tanning is safe, or at least as safe as the sun. However most experts will agree that there isn’t a “safe” way to get a sun tan, and to avoid any type of UV rays at all cost, even the natural sun.

In recent years skin cancer has become more of an issue with younger people, especially melanoma. While a tan has always been in (to a degree), the last 20 years or more has seen an increase in skin cancer risks. Many experts blame that on –  tanning beds. What we do know is that the sun can cause premature aging. That means that a tanning bed can cause premature aging two-three times faster because of the intensity of the of the ultraviolet rays emitted from the bulbs that are used.

It’s advised to seek the expert advice of your local dermatologist. They have the ultimate background and knowledge of the harm that UVA rays can do to your skin, and they keep up to date with any progress on the issue. What we do know is this…… more than one million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. Whether you agree or disagree with the debate on tanning beds, it’s become very apparent that they’re unsafe. As long as there’s a market for tanned skin; tanning beds will always be around unless they get banned.

If you’re going to use a tanning bed, use one sparingly. Those who have increased usage at a tanning salon are much more likely to get skin cancer. Do your research and make sure you know before you go. It’s a relaxing feeling knowing the truth before you visit a tanning salon.

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