Average Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Duration

Before you decide to quit drinking alcoholic beverages, you must first get to know about the average alcohol withdrawal symptoms duration. The withdrawal symptoms occur because when you drink alcoholic beverages, your body starts to get used to it and you become dependent to it. Then when you decide to quit or even reduce your intake of alcoholic beverages, then more likely you would have different alcohol withdrawal symptoms. When it comes to duration of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, there is really not an exact duration for these symptoms. It may last for a couple of hours, days and weeks depending on the severity of the dependence on drinking alcoholic beverages.

The duration of alcohol withdrawal symptoms, if we talk about the mild symptoms, include irritability, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. It can also affect the appetite of a person because the person would feel like vomiting whenever she or he tries o eat something. When it comes to sever symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, a person might have dilated pupils, palpitations, shortness of breath, high fever and convulsions which if these symptoms happen would really make you worry a lot and might even end up in the emergency room.

The duration of alcohol withdrawal symptoms if we talk about the physical symptoms usually last for twelve hours after the person took his or her last drink and usually peaks in two to three days. That is why before a person decides to drink alcoholic beverages; such person should get to know the different withdrawal symptoms so he or she can decide whether or not to drink alcoholic beverages. If you have plans of quitting to drink alcoholic beverages, I suggest that you consult a doctor so the doctor would tell you the right way on how to quit drinking.  He might refer you to a program or have you quit cold turkey, he will be able to tell you which will be best for you.

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