Avoiding Castor Oil Side Effects

There are many informative articles that give premium to having good health with the use of “greener produce.” There are many reasons to why people prefer going for the better way of life and the most prominent one would be due to man’s persistence to improve his health. Using natural and organic merchandizes is the trend nowadays and people are more aware of the scientific evidences that provide the advantages of using and consuming eco-friendly products like castor oil.

Then again, even organic products have their own share of possible side effects. Nonetheless, since there are a lot of uses to the oil, it is good to be informed of what these uses are and know the possible side effects that come with them so that we know what we can do to avoid them.

Uses of Castor Oil and their Potential Side Effects:

  • Treating Skin Problems—minor cuts, burns or abrasions, acne, dry and flaking skin or scalp, etc. can use castor oil due to its moisturizing properties as well as being anti-inflammatory by nature.  If there is fungal growth like ring worm, the oil can also be used so as to get rid of the infection. The possible side effects when the oil is used for the aforementioned skin problems are accidental burns and further inflammation especially when used on broken skin as well as too much oil production that might affect the skin’s natural oils. When applied directly on sensitive skin, there is a possibility of inflammation as well.
  • Aiding in Hair Growth—the oil is also well-known to promote healthy growth of hair. However, the disadvantage to this is that the oil has a pungent scent and may be too thick in consistency that it would be hard to remove or get rid of the smell. Other than that, the amount of oil should be just right because the natural oil of the scalp will not be utilized as much as it should.
  • When used as a Laxative—castor oil side effects in terms of the digestive system would normally be due to the over dosage. It may cause diarrhea which can then cause dehydration. Thus, it is very crucial to monitor the amount of oil to be taken as well as the intake of fluids. This is simply a precautionary measure that can help prevent possible adverse effects.

As a summary, the importance of castor oil for the overall health and wellness of the body notwithstanding the side effects is the main reason why many people continuously use it. Discretion in using castor oil or any organic product should always be maintained.

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