Basic Make-up for Rosacea

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m blushing even when I’m not. I know that sounds strange and I had no idea what it was all about until a friend told me she thought it was a condition called Rosacea. Something I had never heard of before. Anyhow, it was becoming quite embarrassing at time so I decided to do a little research about Basic Make-up for Rosacea.

One of my concerns was weather covering it up with blush or any other kind of concealer would aggravate it and make it worse. As I read about Rosacea I learned the first thing to do was to figure out whether it truly was the condition or something else like an irritation or even a different form of acne. One article I read suggested using some acne treatments – simple stuff like a good acne face wash and light over the counter acne cream and to see if the symptoms changed at all. It didn’t take long and this article suggested just a week would be enough to know. Sure enough after one week there was not difference at all. The my nerves got the better of me and I decided I may as well just get it checked out by my Doctor. As I suspected he would I got referred to a dermatologist and finally three months later I’m back with what my friend said I had all along. The Bad News – It’s Rosacea.

The Good News it’s not severe at all and I can in fact cover it up with some Basic Makeup. The dermatologist said what it is happening is that I have these small blood vessels which are very close to the surface of the skin on my face and when they dilate I get that blushy glow. The important part is that this dermatologist said natural treatment for Rosacea was the best way to go. That was a relief because I wasn’t keen on the idea of putting drugs on my face. Using mild quality natural cleansers and then sticking with mineral based makeup was the best solution. The rest of the story – after just a month of this basic routine my Rosacea is already looking a lot better.

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