Become A Certified Wound Specialist

CWS Exam Study Guide
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A career in nursing offers many opportunities for specializing in one aspect of healthcare. Those that are dedicated enough to seek out the credential of Certified Wound Specialist continue to be highly sought after. Documenting wounds in a critical part of patient care and protects the facility against possible future legal troubles as well. The importance is obvious and these reasons are what keep a wide open career field for those who have what it takes to pass this exam.

As facilities become increasingly filled to capacity and understaffed, it is crucial to have a staff that is well-trained in preparing wound documentation. Not only does this documentation help to establish a baseline, but it will also prove to be invaluable in determining a future plan of care for a patient. Learning to prepare this type of documentation if just a single step on the road to becoming a CWS. Nothing is more important than actual wound care and this is the bulk of the exam. The American Association of Wound Management is the governing body that oversees the test administration and the authorizing organization that provides certification upon successful passing of the exam. Training for this exam should encompass experience with all manners of wounds from stabbings, acid burns, and puncture wounds to ulcers and bedsores. It is a rigorous exam.

If a candidate achieves the title of CWS it demonstrates to those throughout the medical community that this worker possesses the best skills and a true understanding of treating and documenting virtually any type of wound. These skills can open up many new opportunities for employment, too. Broadening a skill set by becoming credentialed in as many areas as possible is one of the best ways to ensure that a person keeps ahead of the competition in the job market. Even the healthcare industry is not immune to layoffs, but Certified Wound Specialists will be far less likely to suffer since healthcare facilities need these people to ensure patient satisfaction and minimize lawsuit risks.

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