Benefits of Natural Weight Loss Tea

As with any product or fashion, weight loss products and even fitness styles come in waves.  A trend seen everywhere in the fitness world right now is using natural weight loss tea to help the pounds come off faster.  Whenever these trends pop up you should try and question the method and find multiple review sources.  You don’t want to pay into a gimmick that doesn’t work, or even worse, is unsafe.

Although “green tea” is finding its way into the marketing of so many products, true tea will never be bad for you.  And it has been known for centuries the benefits of drinking tea.  But buyer beware, the majority of the products available that tout the benefits of their secret weight loss tea formulas, do not have a special product.  They quote lines from studies to make you believe that it is in fact possible to lose all of your problem weight, in thirty days or less.  Bogus!

Instead of buying their expensive tea products, go down to your local grocer and buy whatever you fancy there, for a much more reasonable price.  All tea has antioxidants which promotes overall health.  Additionally, if you really get into tea, you should try to replace all of your daily beverages with either water or tea.  Some people can save thousands of calories a week by doing this and this alone and can really help you lose weight fast!  And, like the weight loss products like to point out, there is some evidence that tea can boost your metabolism, however the effect is slight, and has not been shown to exceed 80 calories.

So try all different kinds of tea, white, black, green, yellow, and oolong and find which ones you enjoy.  Although there are different opinions on which tea is the best, there is no definitive or conclusive winner.  So pour a cup and enjoy!

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