Bio Oil Reviews – Positive vs. Negative

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It is a fact of life that there will always be the opposing side and the favourable side. In choosing the best skin treatment, we can see that each product have its own positive and negative reviews. These reviews are helpful because we can be able to determine whether or not to purchase the said product. Bio oil is among the products which has its reviews as well. These bio oil reviews provide us with what we need so that we no longer have to be too much doubtful of the product.

In reviewing the bio oil reviews available in the internet, we need to be very wary of what they inform us because some may be misleading. However, they are helpful in allowing us to do more research so that we can know whether or not to trust what these reviews are saying about bio oil. Let us look at the opposing reviews below so that we can determine for ourselves if bio oil is the best choice for our skin ailments:

Positive Reviews:

Bio oil has ingredients like vitamin A and E which helps the skin since they are anti-oxidants and anti-wrinkles. It also has Calendula oil is an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory. Essential oils like rosemary and lavender provide scent.

There are a lot of positive testimonials which allows the readers to be able to be presented in a good way.

Negative Reviews:

There are ingredients like mineral oil or paraffinum liquidum which is said to be a skin irritant, clogs the pores and may cause other skin problems to worsen. Also, there are still many ingredients which are synthetically produced and are said to be harmful for the skin. Bio oil seems to not have any anti-ageing ingredients.

Given the two views, we can only decide for ourselves which of them to believe. There will still be many doubts with regard to the product, but what we can do is to research more and try to consult with a dermatologist. Through the reviews given, we are armed with the knowledge to determine whether or not to use bio oil.

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