Blood Type Diets: What’s the Theory Behind A Blood Diets?

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The “Blood Type Diet” has become very popular even amongst a large amount of controversy.  Those blood type diets, also referred to as the “Eat Right for Your Type” diet from the book where the idea of this weight loss plan came from, are based on the idea that the ideal diet for each person is based on blood type due to evolutionary factors.  Before explaining how this weight loss plan works, it’s important to note that these theories on which the diet are based on are just that: intriguing theories.  They’re not proven by any stretch, but the idea of diet based on blood types is a growing idea which is spreading.

The diet for each blood type is going to be different, and often times they are radically different from one another.  The theory is that type O was the original blood type and therefore they do best with the original hunter and gather diet.  Read high protein – high as in meat but also high in fruits and nuts.  Basically a truly “hunter and gatherer” diet.  According to the theory behind these eating plans the A blood type evolved next, and so the diet for blood type A people looking to lose weight on the diet should move to the foods that entered human history shortly after hunter and  gathering periods.  If you’re on the blood type A diet then for protein this means chickens, fish, seafood, and cheese or dairy not from cows.  Vegetables are generally acceptable, although fruits depend on the fruit in question, and while whole grains are good, wheat is not.

This diet suggests that the healthiest adjustment might involve taking time to slowly transition from your normal diet to the matching blood type diet and there is no issue with having a multi-vitamin in addition to catering to your ideal diet plan according to your blood type and how it matches up to this eating plan.

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