Career Options for an Ultrasound Technician

With the world economy taking a dive over the last several years, many people have found themselves out of work or underemployed (having their hours or wages cut back).  Many of those people are trying to find a way to increase their income by going back to school for retraining.  One of the most attractive jobs in the field of medicine at the moment is that of an ultrasound technician.  But what does this career actually do?  This article describes the two most common jobs for ultrasound techs, that of prenatal technician and abdominal technician.

Working in OB/GYN ultrasound, you would be doing scans of pregnant women.  This could be at a hospital, but it is often done in a private office run by an obstetrician.  This type of work can be enjoyable because the atmosphere is usually calm and laid back, so that the pregnant patients are as comfortable as possible.  A prenatal tech salary is equivalent to that of an abdominal tech, so the jobs are equivalent in that area, so you are free to choose by preference rather than income.

As an abdominal tech, you have many more options available to you.  You can work at a general hospital or at an imaging center.  You might work in the emergency room of a major hospital, which can be exciting and challenging, but that type of work is not for everybody.  If you like a job that is ever-changing, and that requires you to be on your toes at all times, an emergency room might be a good option, but if you are a person who prefers a calmer, more methodical approach, working at an outpatient imaging center could be for you.  This is because these are normally private operations that schedule appointments only during normal business hours, and you would not normally have to be on call at any time.

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