Caring for your Dog’s Skin Rash

As most dog owners know all too well, caring for a pooch with a skin rash is no easy task.  Dogs tend to scratch and gnaw at any skin problem that is bothering them, disregarding completly the fact that they may be creating a bigger wound or irritation thorugh their actions.  Unlike another human, it is difficult to convince your dog not to do this; if it itches, Rover argues, why not?!

As a dog sitter, the onset of this kind of rash can be even more intimidating than it is with your own dog.  Skin rashes often appear out of the blue, appear very serious, and dogs’ reactions tend to be extreme. Here are a few tips to try and help dogs in your care deal with their skin allergy, and keep dogs owners happy upon their return, and spreading good news to their friends and networks about your Seattle dog boarding facility!

How To Treat A Skin Rash On A Dog

The first step to caring for your pup’s skin rash is to prevent him or her from continuing to scratch.  Though this may seem like an impossibly daunting task, there are a few simple things you can do to try and help.

  • Firstly, remember the age-old chicken pox remedy that you may well have endured?  That’s right, try your best to get on, and remain on, socks onto each of your pup’s four legs.  This will at least protect your pup from his or her own nails.  If this, however, is not a sufficient solution…
  • Try to get a towel laid over your pup’s exacerbated area, using it as a means of hiding the skin from your dog’s frustration.
  • Finally, make sure to keep any and all scented soaps, shampoos or sprays away from the pup in your care, at least until you are able to figure out what the cause of the skin irritation might be.

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