How Does The HCG Diet Work

You’ve probably heard of the HCG diet.  Although it has just recently become popular it has actually been around for about 50 years.  The reason it has recently become a hit is because it has been developed into homeopathic HCG drops which can be taken orally.  Before, the only way to do the HCG diet was through injections of the HCG hormone.

The HCG Diet – 500 Calories? Really?

This diet was actually invented over 50 years ago by Dr. Simeons.  He found out that if he took the HCG hormone, which is produced by pregnant women to make . . . → Read More: How Does The HCG Diet Work

Who Are The Best Candidates for Lap Band Surgery

With more and more obese people out there trying to find a way to improve their health, lose the weight and possibly live a longer life, there are tons of new procedures that are coming onto the market. One such procedure is the lapband surgery that many people are going to find is an option for them. However, what most people are wondering is what they have to do in order to qualify to be able to have this surgery? As most doctors are not going to just let any person be able to do this surgery.

Qualifications For . . . → Read More: Who Are The Best Candidates for Lap Band Surgery

How To Stay Healthy With The GM Diet

The world has changed in ways beyond comprehension. In the health industry for example, the kind of diseases that we have today were only imagined several decades ago. Problems were simpler before, including health concerns. But today, vicious killers such as diabetes, obesity, and cancer are just waiting around the bend.

This overwhelming change compelled several health organizations to demand healthier food options. You might have noticed that grocery stores nowadays have a separate section that displays organic fruits and vegetables as well as naturally made products. Even fast food chains now offer healthy food alternatives on top of . . . → Read More: How To Stay Healthy With The GM Diet

Health Benefits of Visiting a Weight Loss Health Spa

It may be thought that a weight loss health spa or wellness resort focused on lifestyle changes is a clinic for those struggling with obesity, diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol. While this may be true, it is also important to realize that there are many other benefits that a wellness resort can offer.

Relief from Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Studies have shown that being overweight can lead to various sleep problems. A wellness resort can provide you with relief from sleep apnea and other sleep disorders by facilitating your departure from the overweight category. If you are having . . . → Read More: Health Benefits of Visiting a Weight Loss Health Spa

Easy Weight Loss by Supplementing your Fitness Program

Many people try and try over and over to finally make a positive change and lose the weight they have always wanted to lose. The only problem is, like for many of us, that we all seem to fall back into that rut. It seems so easy to make excuses; “I can’t make it to the gym today because I have to work early tomorrow morning” or “I will stop snacking starting Monday, no maybe Tuesday, or Wednesday because it is the start of a new month”. The fact is that these are all excuses, not valid reasons.

For . . . → Read More: Easy Weight Loss by Supplementing your Fitness Program