Causes Of Back Pain

Pain is always the feeling that a human being hates the most. Everybody can feel pain any part in the body. Back pain is not exceptional; there are so many causes of back pain, it would be either internal factors or external factors.

Internal factors- it means that the pain occurs because of physical problems or natural/normal occurrence inside the body.

Some examples of back pain caused by internal factors:

A five-month pregnant woman, this normal physical development causes pain in the back due to the growing fetus in her womb, the weight of the baby is giving pressure at the back of the pregnant woman which makes her feel pain.

Osteoporosis- is the most common problem majority of the old-aged woman due to the lack of calcium and phosphorus in their body. Their back bones shrink and decreases density which leads them to feel pain in the back.

Compression of the Vertebrae- this is the kind of fracture that causes a crucial pain in the back, the vertebrae compresses when a person’s bones are weak and also could be generic or inborn in nature, and even an osteoporosis can lead to this kind of fracture.

External Factors- it means that the pain occurs because of physical activities or lifestyle of ones individual.

Some examples of back pain caused by external factors:

Heavy Lifters- individual like them often feels pain in the back, because of the over contractions of the muscles will leads to muscles spasm and those lifters are also prone or high risk of compression fractures that causes a lot of pains in the back.

Accidents- suddenly fall accidents that causes heavy impact in the back bones is also an identified reason of back pain.

Stress- this stress from work could also be the reason of back pain, psychologist says that a workaholic person feels stress that exhausted them which lead to physical pains.

These are the few examples/reasons that causes of back pain, you must take this seriously because little pain can lead to more serious body/physical conditions. Learning the different back pain sciatica treatment can really be a big help in relieving and preventing back pain problems. Part of this treatment involves exercises that can be done easily since there are sciatica exercises pictures which will guide you through.

For further evaluation and scientific explanations, you must seek experts or doctors to prevent major damage of physical conditions. Lack of knowledge related to back pain can cause further damage and failure to treat accordingly.

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