Causes of Neck Pain in Children

Neck pains in children is a common but a very serious situation which would need the attention of the parents. There are various causes for neck pain some are due to our day to day normal activities while others may be due to accidents.

The common neck pain causes in children are:

  • Incorrect posture: This definitely is a very important reason, specially because children spend lot of their time sitting and reading books and in case of the absence of proper guidance they tend to read and watch television as well while in a sleeping posture, this type of postures would definitely cause pain in the neck and back other than the problem for the eyes. Some times bad postures during sleep can also cause neck pains and it is advised to follow other positions during such times.
  • Injury to the neck: Typical injury could be the whiplash injury caused by vehicle accidents. The whiplash symptoms typically appear as neck pain. In minor cases it may go off soon but it is advised to treat such cases because there have been cases where the child who got whiplash injury and if  get it treated had to bear it for the rest of his life.
  • Excess weight on the neck is one more important cause for the same. Generally a lot of school going children have the bad habit of carrying tons of books to their class room everyday. It is some times the idiocy of the school teacher who makes them bring all these,perhaps this is better to be avoided because there is a very big probability of the child catching neck and back pain if not at present, then at least at the later stages of his life.
  • Fever and disease: Cold related fever and diseases have a high probability of causing neck pain, which would go along with the fever.

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