Certified Nursing Assistant – Booming Its Way Up

A certified nursing assistant or commonly known as nursing aids, home health aides, or orderlies are those who have gone through intensive trainings on how to care for patients in the hospital or nursing homes.  They work hand and hand under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse since their job description is limited compared to other nursing profession.  They help in providing quality care and assist patients in performing activities of daily living.

Among other members of the health team, they are the ones who work closely with the patients.  Specifically they aid in bathing and grooming, feeding patients appropriately with the prescribed diet (e.g. diabetic diet, low fat foods, low calorie foods, etc.), monitoring vital signs, and assisting nurses in performing procedures.  They are expected to help patients fulfill their physical needs as well as in giving emotional and social support.

Enrolling in Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) training is a stepping stone to your plan of entering a nursing career which holds greater responsibility; perform wide range of procedures, and getting higher salary rates.  During the length of the course you will be taught on the basics of providing ideal care for the sick, elderly, and incapacitated individuals.  You will avail of a 6-12 weeks training in a medical school or community colleges.

Aside from the basic nursing skills, aspiring nursing aides are also taught in general of subjects like anatomy and physiology, nutrition and control for infection.  There will be classroom discussions and a lot of exposures in facilities where they can practice the skills they learned.  Most state gives out certification exam which consists of theories and graded return demonstrations of skills acquired after the training.  This is to ensure that you are ready of becoming a full pledged certified nursing assistant.

Depending on the amount of experience and place of employment, a CNA can earn $24,000 – $30,000.  Most of them can be found employed in nursing homes, health care facilities, and even private homes.  They are highly in demand nowadays because of the growing population of aging people which are in need of long term care.

It is expected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that demand for health aides will fluctuate by 19 percent on 2018.  Many citizens prefer home treatment or availing services in home care facilities for their old folks because it is more comfortable, cost efficient, and safe.

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