3 Reasons Chicken Pox Aren’t Such a Bad Thing

Chicken pox is a disease, and if (or when) your child gets it she’ll probably be in bed and uncomfortable for about a week. But is getting the chicken pox vaccine, or otherwise worrying about the illness, really worth it? Here are three reasons why chicken pox probably isn’t something you need to concern yourself with.

-Everyone either gets it, or gets the vaccine. Wait, so are chicken pox contagious? They absolutely are, to the extent that virtually every single American is exposed to them at some point in their life. And if you’re exposed, you’re probably going to get sick. Chicken pox is actually contagious before any symptoms arise, so once the trademark bumps start appearing on your child’s body (most people get infected as children) they’ve been contagious for a few days already. So even if you try to keep your child from infecting someone, she probably already has.

-Usually the only potential long term negative effect is scarring, and even that can be kept under control if you make sure to keep your child from scratching them. When left alone, the pox will go away and rarely leave and remnants. Do what you can to keep your child from scratching – use calamine lotion and Tylenol to make them more comfortable, click their fingernails, and if they’re really little you may even want to consider putting mittens on their hands when they sleep. Do this, and the chances of any long term effects is practically zero.

-Even with the vaccine, the virus keeps popping up. The vaccine is simply a weakened virus that the body fights off and then builds up antibodies against, which in theory teach the body how to fight the virus in the future. In practice, the vaccine has proven to be less effective than hoped, and so even with it, your child may still get the virus. But with so many ways to treat chicken pox, or at least make it more bearable, it’s not a serious medical concern if your child ends up getting exposed.

So there you have it – 3 reasons to not be overly concerned about chicken pox.

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