Choose Lip Injections For A Pouty Look

In the current fashion and beauty world, full lips are considered a sign of youth, femininity, and sexuality. Therefore, it is unsurprising that women who value looking as good as they feel are not content with thin lips. Fortunately, lip injections can be safely administered to enhance the pout and give lips the lush fullness sought after. Moreover, with several options available, one can pick what suits with regard to permanence and overall cosmetic effect.

One popular method of enhancement involves collagen lip injections. In fact, collagen is considered to be the industry leader because it produces increased lip size without a commitment to permanent results. Lasting four to six months, on average, patients may receive touch-up treatments two or three times a year to maintain desired fullness. Collagen lip injections have several usage applications. These include increasing upper, lower, or both, lip sizes, deepening pigment color, and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles that define aging lips.

Patients considering lip injections may also choose a more permanent type of material. Known as micro-implants and permanent in nature, they consist of bovine collagen. While the permanence might be attractive, there are some additional side effect risks, including granulomas and infections. Another permanent option for lip augmentation, with the positive aspect of being reversible, involves a synthetic implant with a foam rubber type material. Unlike any injection method, however, this requires surgical procedure with incisions and sutures.

Lip injections offer the convenience of being fast and convenient, with a walk-in, walk-out ambulatory approach. In the hands of a skilled practitioner who will first test for allergic reactions, patients can anticipate a quick recovery, usually without pain medication. The minimal discomfort and bruising accompanying lip injections is short-lived. It is well worth it for many, considering the impact a newly acquired pout may have on their life!

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