A Christian Drug Rehab or a Secular Drug Rehab all Need a Holistic Treatment

Drug rehabilitation centers help people suffering from drug abuse and addiction. The three main types of drug abuse are alcohol, prescription drugs and street drugs. The main kinds of illegal street drugs are cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines. Possibly the largest number of addicts are suffering from amphetamine addiction.

There are many types of rehab organizations but some of the most common are the Christian drug rehab centers. These places are usually run by Christian groups, such as the Salvation Army, and they help the person suffering from drug addiction, regardless of their beliefs. These rehabs are registered and regulated by government authorities and enlist the use of professionals, in the field of drug rehabilitation. The Salvation Armys programs are usually free and are financed by their various fundraising methods of which the most common are thrift shops and the red shield appeals.

Some Christian drug rehab programs focus more on a faith based deliverance from drug addiction. These try to help the addict find the euphoria or excitement he is seeking through a relationship with Jesus Christ thus negating the need for drugs to do this artificially. They also help the addict to focus on the additional spiritual power of Jesus to help them overcome their physical dependency. This faith based approach is very successful if the addict has a conversion and continues in the Christian faith.

Scientific research has shown that more is needed than the detoxification of a drug addict. A more ongoing holistic program which addresses the persons long term social and behavioral needs is also required for the treatment to have a permanent success.

Weather its a Christian drug rehab or a secular drug rehab one point that most experts agree on is that the main ingredients for success are support and follow up. Breaking the addictive cycle is something which is difficult for a person to do by themselves. This highlights the need for rehab centers to have a holistic treatment to help the addict overcome his addiction.

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