Cod Liver Oil for Vitamin A and D

Cod liver oil is a popular supplement that has recently gained attention as an alternative to conventional fish oil. Since it is made from the liver of cod fish, it is extremely nutrient dense (liver in general is the most nutrient-dense food in the available) and is especially rich in the important vitamins A and D. Moreover, since these vitamins are in their natural state, as opposed to refined supplements, the body is able to use them more effectively.

Vitamin D

Especially in the last few years, vitamin D has gained plenty of attention from the health and fitness community because of it’s various benefits. Vitamin D is important for bone health, as calcium can’t be properly absorbed by the body without enough vitamin D, and it’s important for various other processes in the body including the regulation of hormones. Some research has even found a correlation between vitamin D deficiency and hair loss, since vitamin D deficiency seems to disrupt the hair growth cycles.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A gets far less attention in the public health and wellness sphere than vitamin D does but it is also essential to good health. As explained in the article What Does Vitamin A Do? It’s been estimated that hundreds of thousands of people around the world die or go blind every year due to vitamin A deficiency. This is typically less of a problem in developed countries and effects children more commonly than adults, but is still a valid concern for anyone eating a poor diet.

Concerns with Cod Liver Oil

As with any fish product, cod liver oil runs the risk of being contaminated by the pollutants in the water around where the fish was caught. Mercury levels are an especially important concern with fish products.

When purchasing cod liver oil, make sure to get it from a trusted source that is less likely to contain harmful substances.

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