Color Contacts Add Depth to a Person’s Eyes

There are two different types of non prescription contacts: one is opaque; the other clear or semi-transparent. Each type of lens is meant for different eye shades and should be purchased accordingly. If you select the wrong type of lens, it will not make the impact you wish. However, choose the right lens and your eyes can appear extraordinary as far as depth and color. The goal is to make the effect in wearing non-prescription colored contacts as natural appearing as possible.

The transparent colored lenses make eyes appear brighter than the opaque variety. Your eyes take on a whole new meaning in the way they sparkle. That said, the enhanced version or semi-transparent colored contact lenses are best suited for persons with light shades of eyes including: blue, green or brown.

The draw for individuals, pertinent to the opaque lenses is that the (non-transparent) type lenses can change the eye color completely. Since this type of colored lenses are not clear; it is suggested persons with dark eyes wear them. In example, if your eyes are originally deep brown and you wish to change them to blue then it is to your benefit to purchase the opaque version of the non-prescription color-enhancing lenses.

Conclusively, the rules which apply with respect to colored lenses is to purchase semi-transparent lenses when your eyes are of a lighter hue. Further, if you wish to change your eye color altogether, and your eyes are dark, it is recommended you buy the opaque variety of lenses.

Make the right choice and either way, your eyes can appear extraordinary. It is very important you follow the above rules because purchasing the wrong type of lenses can effect a look that does not appear natural. You do not want it to make it look as though you are wearing color enhancing lenses: You need not worry about it though if you select the right contact lenses.

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