Common ADHD Symptoms – What You Need to Know

Properly diagnosing ADHD can lead the way to identifying the best ADHD remedies that best suit the situation. Most of the time, a proper identification of the health issue greatly depends on the manifestation of the ADHD symptoms. ADHD or ADD can best be determined by three main characteristics. These are hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity. The situation may vary from one child to another as one of the three characteristics may be more dominant than the others.

Perhaps the most common notion about kids with ADHD is that these children tend to be excessively active and are in constant motion. Staying still can be quite a challenge for these kids that even some parts of their body may still continue to move (foot tapping, shaking arms) even if instructed to stand still. Another noticeable trait of hyperactivity is that kids tend to blurt out everything that pops into their mind. As such, they tend to be quite talkative. This constant state of being super active tends to make kids have a short temper as well, making them even more difficult to deal with.

Inattention does not necessarily mean that children have difficulties focusing on any activity. Most of kids with inattention find it hard to concentrate on activities that they find to be quite boring and repetitive. Inattention is also characterized by the lack of organization when it comes to tasks. Often, these kids may find certain instructions hard to follow and tend to mess up procedures.

ADHD symptoms of impulsivity revolve around the child’s conversational habits and emotional stability. Impulsive kids tend to be more invasive in conversations and may even blurt out the incorrect responses. Even worse is that impulsivity leads the kids to act first without thinking of possible consequences and is often quite impatient.

Combining these aspects, an uninformed parent may find it quite alarming to observe such characteristics in their children. An improved awareness of these findings can help in prompt treatment of ADHD in kids.

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