Common Neck Pain Causes in Children

Children often complain of neck pain and the causes of the neck pain in children may be many ranging from day to day activities which could lead to some pain to accidents causing neck pain. We shall see a few of them here.

Injury to the neck: Injury to the neck can be due to accidents during playing such as falling etc to genuine whiplash related accidents causing neck pain as the whiplash symptoms. It is important that we treat these injuries with proper medical assistance. Some times without proper treatment the injuries can stay through out the life which is really bad.

Incorrect posture: Incorrect posture is another of the neck pain causes in children which is generally ignored. It is the duty of the parents to see through that the children follow proper postures while reading and writing. It is also important to follow the proper posture while sleeping. Children sometimes get stiff necks in case they slept with some abrupt posture. Even back pain can be avoided with proper posture.

Fever and disease: It is common to catch fever and cold and at the same time suffer from neck pain due to the same. Viral fever can cause more neck pain due to the throat infection. Technically the pain is treated as throat pain and the medicines involved are also completely different than the other causes. Hence you generally go to the Ear Nose Throat( ENT) specialist to treat such infections and the treatment does not have much to do with the neck pain involved. It is just that, when the fever is cured, the neck pain vanishes. There are more throat infections which affects the thyroid glands as well and these are also associated with fever.

It is important to identify the cause and see through that the same is not repeated so that the neck pain does not come back again.

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