Common Remedies For Dandruff

Dandruff is a disorder of the scalp that is estimated to affect nearly half of the entire world population. It is considered to be quite an embarrassing scalp condition as it leaves behind trails of loose hair, whitish dry powder and an extremely itchy scalp. Dandruff has been found to be a result of two main causes classified as internal or external. External factors include the use of chemical based hair styling items like hair sprays, dryers, shampoos and oils. Internal factors include poor hygiene, excessive stress, abnormal sugar intake, lack of proper bodily rest and poor hygiene. The best thing about dandruff is the fact it is a relatively easy condition to treat using any type of dandruff remedy that you might fancy whether conventional or natural.

Chemical based treatment for dandruffs can have a myriad of side effects like rough and dry hair and extremely sensitive hair. The natural remedies for dandruff are extremely simple and rather harmless. Therefore, it makes sense to pursue the natural cures of dandruff. Natural remedies for this condition are many and varied. They depend to a large extent on the area that you come from. Oil from the tea tree is a common dandruff remedy. The oil is simply applied to the scalp and a layer of shampoo applied too. Should you not be able to get hold of this oil, you can resort to shampoos with the same. There are many brands available at your local store.

Another remedy for dandruffs is vinegar. It is mixed with water in the ratio of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. You then apply this mixture to the scalp using a cotton plug and then you sleep over it. In the morning, you simply wash your hair thoroughly and rinse with vinegar water again. The process should be observed weekly for a period of at least 3 months. Neem oil is also a good folk remedy for dandruff. This will eliminate the red patches in the scalp that sometimes characterize dandruffs. To make this treatment rather potent, you can incorporate a little camphor oil into the neem oil and massage the scalp with it.

Lemon juice is also quite effective in the treatment of dandruffs. It is mixed with vinegar in the ration 1:2. When they are properly mixed, they are then applied to the scalp. After this, you then massage the scalp with a shampoo that is egg based. The result of this treatment is hair that is stronger and dandruff that is history.

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