Couch Potato Seniors At Higher Risk For Diabetes

We all know that being a couch potato can’t be all that good. Too much of a sedentary lifestyle keeps you from being active, thereby missing out on exercising your muscles. Usually, however, the perception is that this is bad especially for children and adults. For senior folks, however, the common assumption is that it is better for them because at least they get to rest their joints and fragile bodies.

However, a new study has found that even for senior folks, living a sedentary lifestyle only puts them at a much higher risk of being sick, particularly with diabetes. This study was conducted in Australia by a team led by Dr. Paul Gardiner of UQ’s School of Population Health.

Couch Potato Study

According to the study, an average of 4 hours a day spent on the couch, watching TV, made the participants – seniors aged 60 and above – more prone to contracting diabetes 2. The risk lies in the increase of the metabolic syndrome, which is a group of cardiovascular disease predictors. This also happens to be connected to the development of Type 2 Diabetes.

Of course, the act of sitting for prolonged periods of time is not necessarily and directly the culprit here. Rather, it is the absence or lack of activity on the part of the subject. With no physical activity to get busy with, the body tends to be at rest, and therefore is not able to burn off as much calories as needed. Add to that scenario those infamous TV meals, improperly digested, and you’ve got a perfect scene for illness.

Simple Healthy Tips

Dr. Gardiner suggests that even low-motion activities, such as folding clothes, can already decrease the risk of the metabolic syndrome.  Also, lest you forget, a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise can help the seniors protect themselves against diseases. They are not expected to engage in high-impact workouts, obviously, but at the very least, getting into some kind of movement ought to be good for them.

Simple walking, or even gardening, for example, should help seniors get the physical activity they need without tiring themselves out. Having a pet around, if possible, is also a good idea because at least they’ll have something to fuss over. The point is that having some kind of physical activity goes a long way in keeping one healthy, regardless of age.

Also, regular check-ups with your doctor is advised so that you are made aware of which aspect of your health you should pay attention to more.

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