Detoxing with the Cayenne Pepper Master Cleanse Diet

Cayenne pepper is an herbal substitute used to clean the colon and lose weight. Intake of cayenne pepper improves the digestion and also detoxifies the human body of harmful elements. The cayenne cleanse recipe restores the body balances and destroys the presence of toxins in the process.

The major benefits of a cayenne pepper master cleanse diet are as follows:

  • Due to the detoxification benefit, the body automatically starts healing process.
  • People suffering from skin problems like acne and allergies can get their skin completely cured of marks and abrasions within 15 days of using the recipe.
  • The cleansing recipe clears the colon. Colon problem is like a plague to a large part of the population in the US. To combat this, people can consume cayenne cleansing diet for some days.
  • Healthy mind influences the body and vice-versa. So, if you have healthy body, it will help you to focus and concentrate better. You can think clearly and moreover, with the benefits cayenne has on skin, you gradually tend to look fresher and sharper.
  • People prefer the cayenne cleansing diet because it helps to lose weight. It helps to lose weight by mobilizing the metabolic system by making it function better and also it help in balancing or normalizing you appetite. You control binge eating and consume foods that do not increase weight.

The Recipe

The cayenne pepper master cleanse diet consists of select ingredients that are easily available. There are no expensive or exotic materials involved. You would need – pure filtered water,  2tsp organic cayenne pepper, Grade B formaldehyde free maple syrup, 2tsp organic lemon juice freshly squeezed, unrefined sea salt (or Epsom salts), laxative tea (optional) and decaffeinated natural herbal tea (optional). Mix all the ingredients together and have the cleansing recipe early in the morning.

Give yourself a week to get used to the juice. Within few days of using, you can experience a change coming in your metabolic system, you skin looks cleaner, skin marks begin to disappear, and you weigh less too.

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