Diet as a Natural ADHD Treatment

According to some studies, the diet an ADHD person regularly consumes can be connected to his condition. Diet can improve symptoms or can make them worse because some foods contribute to ADHD symptoms while others reduce the severity of symptoms.

To follow an Attention Deficit Disorder diet to alleviate ADHD symptoms, these foods should be removed or added to your diet:

1.      Remove artificial preservatives, colors and additives: Removing foods with artificial additives can be helpful for those with ADHD. Recent research found that children regularly eating foods with artificial colorings, preservatives or additives had a higher incidence of ADHD. Conversely, when these foods were eliminated from the child’s diets, hyperactive was reduced.

2.      Eliminate sugar: Sugar has long been suspected as causing hyperactivity and impulsivity. Some experts believe that remove foods high in sugar will help with these ADHD symptoms. Limited research has proved this but by the same token, there are also studies that disprove the theory that sugar promotes hyperactivity.

3.      Avoid Thimerosal in vaccinations: Thimerosal, a mercury-based additive, should be avoided when getting vaccination. Mercury can disrupt biochemical brain processes and lead to problems like autism and ADHD.

4.      Add essential fatty acids to the diet: Essential fatty acids are essential to mental well being and health in general. It is found that many people with ADHD do not have ample levels of essential fatty acids and is deficiency is linked to ADHD.

5.      Take mineral supplements: People with ADHD are often deficient in minerals like magnesium and zinc. This mineral deficiency can worsen ADHD symptoms. Each mineral plays a specific role and if levels are low, normal functioning of body and mind can be disturbed.

6.      Add Vitamin B: B vitamins are known for development of a healthy brain. Foods rich in B vitamins should be added to the ADHD person’s diet.

In addition to diet, herbal and homeopathic ingredients are also found to be effective natural ADHD treatments. You can use all at the same time for the best effects.

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