Diet Plans for Women: Weight Loss and Weight Gain

If you happen to gain weight easily, then you should be careful of the foods that you consume. Weight gain is observed in women when they are 30 years and older, and more so when they start to menopause. There are several factors on why women start to gain weight. This is often observed in teens that are on their puberty stage. This is often due to hormonal changes that occur at certain points of time. Another factor is hyperthyroidism. That is why it is necessary to make sure that you are following a healthy, well-balanced diet. To do this, you may opt for low carbohydrate diet plans. Here are some tips that you can make use of:

  • Avoid consuming foods with saturated fats like cod liver, mustard, white bread and white flour. Instead of these, opt for cereals, cheese, and low fat butter.
  • Those women who are overweight should avoid foods that contain high amount of carbohydrates. This means avoiding junks, fast foods, sugary recipes, and sweetened juices is necessary. You may try consuming oats, brown rice, whole wheat breads, and cornflakes instead.
  • High protein foods are essential to those women who want to lose weight. Foods such as egg albumin, tofu, protein shakes, and skimmed milk should be included in their diet. Other foods that contain high amount of protein include salmon, chicken, tuna, and fish.
  • Large quantities of vegetable and fruit salad are helpful to those women who want to lose weight as well. Vegetables that are helpful for weight loss include cabbages, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower.

On the other hand, there are those women who want to gain weight as well. This is not hard as you can just consume the foods that can help you gain weight. However, you have to make sure that the foods you opt for are healthy enough to avoid any health risk. Here are some tips on how you can gain weight in a healthier way:

  • If you do not have any health complications such as high cholesterol level or diabetes, then you can eat fast foods but make sure to consume it in moderation. This is most applicable for teens who want to gain weight. A pizza and double cheeseburger at least thrice a month can surely help you put on some weight.
  • Increasing the amount of carbohydrates in your diet can also help you gain weight rapidly. You may opt for foods such as beans, pasta, potatoes, cassava, and sweet potatoes.
  • Consume healthy fats such as walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and cashew nuts. When preparing your foods, make sure to prepare it with mustard oil, coconut oil or cod liver oil.
  • Eat sugary fruits, only if you have normal sugar level. This includes fruits such as mangoes, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, plums, and peaches. You can also have cakes, dry fruits, pastries, ice cream, chocolates, and cookies if you really want to learn how to lose weight.

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