DIY Vs Dentist: Which is Best for Periodically Whitening your Teeth

One of the cosmetic things that you can do in order to improve on your smile is whitening your teeth on a periodic basis. This process is a simple and easy one to do, which gets you quick results.

You can either do this yourself, or you can arrange for it to be done by your cosmetic dentist. There are perks to both, so looking into them in further depth is important.

Whitening your teeth by yourself is done by purchasing kits from the store. This process is one that takes a couple of weeks in order to get the full effect.

The person will apply bleaching strips to their teeth for about an hour a day for two weeks, which then will get them their new and improved smile. Doing this by one’s self generally takes longer than having the dentist do it, but it does allow the individual to have full control of the process.

Those who are not conformable going into a dentist’s office will be able to do this from the comfort of their own home, and it is a good way to supplement idle time, such as when one is watching TV or something similar. It is a viable option on its own.

Having teeth whitened at the dentist is an experience which is a little more intense. Generally speaking, this will happen in one or two sessions.

The dental professionals will apply clinical strength bleach to the teeth of patients. Obviously, this is going to be much stronger than that which is commercially available, so results are going to be different.

When one is sitting in the dentist chair, the professional who is working on them will apply a concentration of the bleaching agent evenly on the teeth. They will then monitor it in order to make sure that it is filling its role.

Generally speaking, this kind of treatment is going to give the person a lot more control over the shade they get with their teeth, as well as the overall quality of the end results. Dentist’s offices will also be able to help schedule this process on a regular basis if you would like them to.

A whiter smile is generally seen as being more attractive in our society. It is a way to show that the person is vibrant and confident, as well as allowing them to feel better about their smile.

No matter what people choose to do, there are some things to keep in mind with this process. Bleaching teeth may increase sensitivity and can even be a painful process for those who already have sensitive smiles.

Therefore, do not apply these compounds if it causes pain. Additionally, do not allow the compounds to be applied for too long, as it can be damaging for the mouth as well.

Last of all, do not whiten too often! This is a process which can be done twice a year in order to get the best possible set of results, so stick with what is safe and enjoy!

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