Do You Feel Very Tired After Eating Sugar?

There are a lot of people who complain about feeling very fatigued and tired after eating starches, bread, sweets, chocolates and sugar. Some individuals also complain of feeling weak and lethargic after eating lunch and/or dessert. Sleepiness and tiredness after consuming sweets is observed rather often. Many individuals complain about feeling all stressed out, sluggish, drowsy or in grave need of a snooze time just after consuming sugar and/or any food item which contains sugar.

What could be the cause behind feeling very tired and weak after eating and furthermore, the sleepiness after consuming sugar? Well, in truth, there are actually plenty of reasons which can cause such common experience. A large meal which comprise of reasonable quantities of sugar and starch can elicit fatigue and you do not actually have to worry if this happens to you on occasions. However, if this turns into a habit, then it is definitely a source of concern. Read further to know more regarding feeling fatigued after eating sugar.

The following are some of the most probable reasons behind excessive tiredness and fatigue after eating starch and sugar;

Heightened Metabolism
– In many situations, fatigue after consuming sugar dissipates on its own after a short while and does not necessitate any medication. Tiredness after consuming pastries and pastas is extremely common and is normal. What causes it? Well, eating food items high in sugar content gives you the feeling of enhanced energy, which eventually heightens your body’s metabolism. Soon after the sugar is used up, your body begins to feel sleepy, tired and exhausted.

Heightened Insulin
– After consuming sugary food items, a chemical referred to as serotonin is released into your brain which is essentially a neurotransmitter that is connected to depression and sleep. There is really no need for you to get worried since this brain chemical is also one which assists you in acquiring a sound sleep. So, after consuming sugar, your blood sugar level begins to swell and activates the functions of your pancreas. With this, your pancreas pumps more insulin through your blood stream. High insulin levels produce a protein block within the body referred to as tryptophan. The latter gets transmitted into your brain and aids in the manufacturing of serotonin. In the end, serotonin creates that sense of extreme fatigue after consuming sweets.

The Insulin Resistance Diet
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Diabetes and Other Infections
– Probably the biggest reason for feeling constantly tired and fatigued after eating sugar, starch and carbohydrates is the possibility of you developing diabetes. It is critical that you visit your doctor to get checked for early signs and symptoms of the condition. There are possibilities of some mild to serious allergies as well as infections such as Candida that could be causing your sense of fatigue and sleepiness after eating lunch and sugar too. Such can develop sugar and starch cravings as well, even if your tummy is actually full!

These are just some of the causes of fatigue after eating. There are several things which you can do to counter this problem though, things such as following a healthy and well balanced diet, getting lots of exercises and having regulated quantities of sugary and starchy food.

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