Do You Need a Big Bear Getaway?

Big Bear Lake is only a modest drive from the population centers of Los Angeles and Palm Springs — perfect for short getaway and a brief respite from the pressures of urban life. The three most popular reasons for booking this sort of short vacation are: a romantic getaway, the winter ski vacation and a “mental health” retreat.

The romantic getaway is probably the most common. Modern life is chock-full of stress — career pressures and/or hectic family schedules — and Big Bear can provide some time to literally get away from it all and spend some quality time reconnecting with the love of your life. During the drive from L.A., you’ll notice how your cell phone coverage thins out. And, as you disconnect from that hustle-and-bustle world, you should also notice a whole new opportunity to connect beckoning you. Put on some music and use the car ride to transition from the workaday world to the more personal discussions that make a Big Bear getaway so popular with couples who are looking for “rest, relaxation … and romance.”
Big Bear Lake
The second most popular getaway is the short ski vacation. During the winter months, people in Southern California don’t need to go far to enjoy winter weather. Big Bear Mountain averages around 100 inches of snow per year, and travelers can drive to the mountains and stay for a few days or longer if they wish. They often opt for one of the Big Bear hotel ski packages that cover lodging, lift tickets and sometimes more like breakfast, transportation to the mountains and/or various spa treatments.

Last, but definitely not least, sometimes people just need some alone time — time to reconnect with Nature or their “spirit.” Whether it’s through a yoga retreat or just some time to spend walking or cross country skiing along the many trails in the area, a solo getaway might be just what the doctor (or the shrink) ordered.

Next time life starts to get you down, consider a Big Bear getaway!

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