Double Chin Exercises For You

A double chin can form due to a lot of reasons; whether you tend to eat more than you should, or you do not exercise, or it’s genetic or even if you have weak muscles surrounding your face, shoulders and neck. Because of fat accumulation, the skin around your neck begins to sag loose because of the weight and mass. You need to apply a great double chin exercise.

First you have to spread your fingers open and then put them on your forehead. Allow the weight of your hand to work and you will feel the tension in your neck muscles. The muscles that are reacting are exactly the same muscles you will need to work out and focus on. Push your head forward while using your forehand to slightly resist the movement. Use the same technique on the left and right sides of the head. Remember that you need to be very careful when exercising the neck. Always keep the proper posture and do this exercise slowly and with care. Other exercises on how to get rid of a double chin include:

While keeping your head straight, open and close your mouth in a motion like you were eating. Keep the movements slow and slightly exaggerated. Slowly make the opening o your mouth a little bigger after a few repetitions.

After doing this exercise, allow your mouth to stay in the open position. Make sure that it is as wide as it can go without causing much discomfort. While holding this position, slowly look up with you head. This will tilt your head backwards while stretching your neck muscles. Now in this position, continue with the chewing motions mentioned above. Make sure again to do this slowly as to maximize the muscles’ effort. Do this repeatedly for about 8 to 10 seconds and take short breaks in between.

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