Drug Addiction And Addiction To Fast Food

Almost everyone on the planet is aware of the dangers of addition in one form or another. However most people wrongly assume that addition is restricted to illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco. In fact there are more people with addiction to fast food and depression drug addiction than almost any other type of addiction.

Firstly let us discuss depression drug addiction, the name suggests that the user is a sufferer of depression in one of its many forms and is dependent on anti-depressant drugs to get through life. Although the addict may start off on anti-depressants due to a bought of depression, they do not suffer from any serious mental health issues. This form of addiction includes anti depressants such as Diazepam or Lithium and pain killers such as Codeine. The drugs that are meant for helping people with manic depression or bad pains, can be abused to make the user fell relaxed and happy, but soon the user needs to take them just to fell normal and will be irritable and moody without them. At this point the addiction is difficult to overcome and the person should seek medicalpsychological advice.

Addiction to fast food is commonly scoffed at by people, in the same way that some people reject the idea that obesity is a disease. Sadly the problem is all too real and it is a man made issue of modern times just the same as addiction to pain killers is. The addiction is much more psychological than physical and there will often be underlying mental issues that have led to the constant fast food eating. Fast food in this case is not just a cheese burger from a major outlet chain, but all sorts of unhealthy junk food both savoury and sweet in general. The food tastes good and is a quick fix to happiness while that person is eating, but the feeling soon wares off and that person is eating again for gratification and not out of hunger or need. Again they should seek medical help.

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