Effective Bed Bug Removal

There are all sorts of bed bug removal products emerging on the market these days, due in part to the fact that there is a world-wide epidemic seemingly growing out of control. If you’ve never been affected by bed bugs, then count yourself lucky. If you have personal experiences with these nasty critters, then I empathize with you on a personal level.

When We Found Bed Bugs In Our Home

Quick story – A few months ago, we realized we had bed bugs in the apartment. This was disturbing news on many levels, and a relief on others. See, my girlfriend had been waking up with rash-like spots on her arms, off and on, for many months. Doctors and dermatologists just could not diagnose the issue. Then, I found a bed bug nest under a mattress, and the rest is history.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

So, what are the most effective ways of getting rid of bed bugs? There are quite a few options in this area, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Luckily, the apartment complex we live in provided their own exterminators for the job, and after only three treatments the bed bugs seem to be completely gone. They also treated the neighboring apartments, as they were also infected, and one of them was actually the source.

Bed bugs travel very well, and they can relocate without compromise to start a whole new colony. Heat treatments are actually the most effective way of dealing with this parasite. Exposing the bed bugs to a constant heat source over 140 degrees for a couple hours will usually do the trick. The key is to be sure that EVERY area of the abode remains at a high temperature, because the bugs can hide in the smallest of crevices and it only takes one to start the cycle all over again.

Getting rid of bed bugs can be handled with chemicals, powders, sprays, heat, etc. There are several ways to go, and one of them is the Bed bug killer shredder triple kill system, which can be found at many online retailers and discount sites.

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