Electronic Cigaretts – Get Past Those Smoking Laws

E cigarettes appear to be getting more popular all the time because of the decline in popularity of tobacco products. The people who smoke tobacco today are now being shunned. A regular cigarettes gives off a smoke that not only smells disgusting but which also contains many harmful carcinogens and that can aggravate peoples breathing problems. The smell from this smoke also permeates into everything around the smoker and stains it. There is also a lot of evidence available which tells us that second hand smoke has caused lung cancer in many people around the world who have never smoked before.

For the above reasons and more, smokers are now made to smoke outside in all weather. In many places around the country smokers are only allowed to light up in set out areas, these areas might have shelter from the suns heat and rays, or the rain and snow, or they may not. More and more laws are being passed that stop smoking in more public places, such as bars and restaurants. How many people will be able to imagine a bar with no smoke in it.

Electronic cigarettes are able to offer a solution to pretty much all of these issues. These E-cigarettes have been made so that they look just like a normal tobacco cigarette. The part of the cigarette where the tobacco would normally be is actually a battery, then the mouthpiece, or filter, is where the nicotine solution is stored, as well as the small heating coil. When the user takes in a drag from the device it is activated and the heating coil starts to heat up, as well as a small LED light illuminating at the tip of the cigarette. The nicotine solution is heated by the element and is turned into a water vapor which is them inhaled by the user, this delivers the nicotine to them.

Since there is no smoke given off and no smell either, these cigarettes can be used in almost all of the places where smoking has been banned.

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