Excessive Sleep and Depression

There many reasons that excessive sleep has created  problems in my life, not the least of which is that my health has deteriorated over the last several years due in no small part to the fact that I sleep too much. It was in 2008 shortly after I lost my job that I fell into a deep depression, or for me at least it was deep. That began the downward spiral that led to a difficult period of time accompanied by long periods of entirely too much sleep.

Causes Of Sleeping Too Much

Depression can be one of the primary causes of excessive sleep in anyone’s life. A person that sleeps too much caused by depression really is in an avoidance situation. Often they don’t want to deal with their life and whatever the circumstances are that are causing them to feel powerless so in order to compensate, or in reality, avoid, they just choose to sleep a lot. And that is exactly what I did a few years ago.

I was having a difficult time with the fact that I was let go from my job for no apparent reason and because I couldn’t logically process when it happened my body just wanted to sleep all the time. It exacerbated the problem because I no longer wanted to do much of anything. I didn’t want to look for a job and didn’t want to take care of the house. I didn’t want to talk to other people. It was a very difficult time for me and to this day it’s hard for me not to want to sleep a lot.

All this can be very confusing especially in the beginning, but should you find yourself in a situation similar to what I’ve described, I would encourage you to seek medical help in the form of both a physical and psychological evaluation so that you might have success in circumventing some of the difficulty that it has taken so long. Get help early with finding out what are the causes 0f sleeping too much for you as soon as possible.

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