Fasting for Weight Loss

One of the ways to bring down your weight is to use fasting for weight loss, meaning that you will go without food for a few days or longer in order to encourage rapid weight loss and a total cleanse of your body. Cleansing your body and eliminating toxins can result in a better functioning of your body, which will also aid metabolism. While you should never start fasting just like that, a short period of 2 or 3 days without food normally will not harm you just like that, as long as you drink more than enough water to stay hydrated.

Of course, you should be in good health before even thinking about fasting for weight loss, so if this is a road you will want to walk, make sure you first discuss it with your physician.

There are different fasting programs you can use for fast weight loss, some prefer to go all the way and just not eat for a certain number of days, but others feel it is far more sensible to first test the waters and decide to replace one meal of the day with a few glasses of water. This way you can start experiencing what it is like to be on a fast, without it becoming extremely hard.

Another typical fasting program is to go without solid food, but drink fruit juices or watered down veggie smoothies instead of your solid meals, so that your body does get a rest from solid and processed foods, without losing too many vitamins and minerals. You could also try a one day fasting every week, so you eat normal for 6 days and fast during one, to balance out the rest of the week.

No matter which program you choose, if fasting for weight loss is what you want to do, go about it in a responsible and healthy way and use your common sense.

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