FiproGuard: A Cheap Yet Efficient Flea and Tick Killer

It is a blessing that the FiproGuard is already available in the market because you can be able to give medical attention to your pet who’s suffering from flea and tick infestation.

FiproGuard – A Generic For Frontline Plus

The FiproGuard is a generic Frontline Plus for dogs and cats that is highly recommended for flea and tick treatment. The price is very affordable compared to any other medication for such kind of pests. The main ingredients that are active in FiproGuard are the s-methoprene and fipronil which is the same with the Frontline Plus. It has very powerful ingredients that have the capability to destroy fleas (eggs, larvae and adults) and also it is very effective against ticks (deer tick, lone star tick, brown dog tick, American dog ticks).

The effectiveness is very noticeable in a short period of time after medication. Fleas will be wiped out within 12 hours and the ticks will be eradicated within 24 hours. Furthermore, the duration of its effectiveness is long. You only need to apply it once a month so that you are rest assured that the pests won’t ever come back.

FiproGuard is a topical solution and when you are going to administer it, make it sure that it touches the skin of your pets directly so that it will be absorbed by the sebaceous gland as soon as possible. You must apply the medication at the back of the neck of your pet. Let it dry complete before leaving your pet to ensure that it is fully absorbed.

If you want more details about the FiproGuard (generic version of Frontline Plus), all you need to do is to follow the links provided on this page. Doing so will redirect you to a site where you can find significant information about this drug. It is also rest assured that the prices are extremely low compared to the other sites that are also offering such drug.

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